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The SeRGE Reporting Engine for EMS Outfielder and CaCDS

Analyze and report on dispatch, prehospital, and hospital patient care data EMS Outfielder Web, EMS Outfielder N3, CaCDS Web, and CaCDS N3 all contain powerful Structure Specific Report Generation Engines (SeRGEs).

SeRGE is far more powerful than banded report technology, like that used in Crystal Reports, for reporting on PCR data or Personnel data.

SeRGE provides the ability to query on all coded fields, all date fields, and all time fields.

Because SerGE is Structure Specific, you know you're always getting an accurate report.

In EMS Outfielder you can use SeRGE to produce:
  • Detail Reports
  • Table-Style Summary Reports where you specify what fields are used for the rows and columns, making the array of possible reports virtually endless
  • User-Customizable Time Interval Reports
  • Procedure Success Reports
  • Field Clinical Impression To ED Diagnoses Comparison Reports
  • And there is an optional Protocol Comparison Reports Module
In EMS Outfielder and in CaCDS you can use SeRGE to produce a wide variety of Personnel Reports.

SeRGE CaCDS N3 Personnel Reports As shown, you can have:
  • Four different Custom Label reports
  • Four custom Certificates, such as for CE
  • Two custom Certification Cards, which can further vary in appearance depending on Certification Type
  • Two custom Badges, which can further vary in appearance depending on Certification Type
  • Even the button captions can be customized
  • A large set of additional standard reports
  • There is also a Personnel Reminders module that can be used to send reminders to personnel about certification renewals, CE, or whatever reminders are useful
Our software features have met the needs of our California LEMSAs for over 20 years, and we are constantly improving our products to meet current needs.

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software benefits
  • Streamlined data collection
  • On the fly data validation
  • Completeness checker helps ensure your Patient Care Records are complete
  • Meets HIPAA compliance standards

sample reports
Click to enlarge EMS Data Pro's Time Interval Report

Click to enlarge EMS Data Pro's Patients By Mechanism of Injury Report

Click to enlarge EMS Data Pro's Procedure Success Report

Click to enlarge EMS Data Pro's Identification List Report
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