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EMS Outfielder® N3 - Field Data Collection and ePCR Software

EMS Outfielder, field data collection software shown on a laptop computerEMS Outfielder® N3 is NEMSIS Silver Certified ePCR software for the collection of patient care and billing information in the field.

Use it to collect dispatch, patient care, and billing information in the field. Create Patient Care Reports, Insurance Authorization Forms, Refusal of Service Forms and more.

Capture technician and/or patient signatures on-screen using your touchscreen computer or a separate signature pad. Signature pads are relatively inexpensive, lightweight, and easy to hand to your patient.  

Our latest Outfielder features include an updated interface designed to be functional, intuitive and visually appealing to the user. The new interface includes a new Assessment page that makes entering medical assessment and injury data fun and easy. Simply click on the desired body region. Then select your injury and examination results from the easy-to-use user definable pick-lists.


Collect a wide range of prehospital data points

Outfielder's PCR screen includes a complete set of fields, enabling you to collect: Outfielder is NEMSIS Silver Compliant Software
  • Dispatch data
  • Mileage data
  • Geographic data
  • First Responder and related times data
  • Ambulance Provider and related times data
  • Patient billing information
  • Field clinical impression data
  • Utstein cardiac data
  • Medical assessment and injury data per body region
  • Patient care data including medications, procedures, doses, routes, locations, attempts, vitals, and more!
  • Transport and transfer of care data
  • Supplies used data
  • Unlimited comments
Outfielder allows you to collect all data elements required to meet NEMSIS Silver standards.

Manage your personnel data

Outfielder comes with a Contact Manager that allows you to manage name, address, and email information. It even allows you to track your personnel’s certification data as well as the classes and tests they have taken.

Generate Patient Care Reports and forms

Outfielder allows you to generate Patient Care Reports, Insurance Authorization Forms, Receipts For Standby Events, and more!

All reports can be printed, faxed, emailed as encrypted attachments, and emailed as PDF's (when you have Adobe Acrobat Full Version). The On-Screen Signature Capture feature allows any report to contain a technician or patient signature! And if you don’t have a touchscreen computer to collect signatures, no problem. Outfielder allows you to create Patient Care Reports with electronically generated and password protected technician signatures.

When in depth data analysis and QI/QA reporting is needed, you can easily send your data to EMS Data Pro. At Inspironix, we specialize in software customization to meet the unique needs of each of our clients. If Outfielder does not already contain the report you need, let us know, we can build it!

Check your Patient Care Records for completeness

Now with the click of a button you can see whether a Patient Care Record meets the completeness rules defined by an administrator.

Easily track and report on supplies used in the field

We understand the importance of accounting for all supplies used in the field. That’s why we designed Outfielder with supply tracking and reporting features that allow you to:
  • Associate up to 6 supplies with each procedure or medication code
  • Have supplies automatically filled in after a procedure or medication is entered
  • Print supply reports

Save time with these great features

  • Code Pick-Lists facilitate fast, easy, and accurate data entry
  • Automatic recall of patient information, great for frequent patients
  • Ability to turn off fields that you do not wish to use
  • Ability to set default values for fields such as Ambulance Provider that will typically be the same for all calls
  • Ability to search for phrases in your Code Pick-Lists, great for fields with long code sets
  • During data export, have Outfielder laptop installations automatically updated with personnel and configuration data from the server
  • Ambulance Provider times are provided for quick reference on the Call Data and Call Summary pages of the PCR Screen

Ensure data security and integrity

Outfielder is password protected with 16 possible user access level configurations. Additionally, it comes with the following features that help ensure your data is always safe and secure:
  • 256 bit AES encrypted data exports for enhanced security
  • Configurable Automatic Non-activity Logoff feature
  • Logging of all patient care record create, look, modify, and delete activity
  • Automatic saving of data during the data entry process
  • Data validation during the data entry process
  • Automatic self-repair capability after Outfielder abnormally ends, such as in a power failure
  • Data table and index repair utilities
  • Multiple layers of PCR data redundancy so you don't have to worry about losing data

Adapt the system to meet your organizations needs

  • Define your own Code Pick-Lists
  • Turn fields in the PCR screen on and off
  • Administer the code translations for your exports to billing or a state data system

Send your data to popular billing packages

Outfielder allows you to send your Outfielder data to popular billing packages. Contact us to find out if a data transfer module is available for the billing software you're using.

Software Compliance

  • Outfielder is NEMSIS Silver Certified.
  • Outfielder meets or exceeds all HIPAA guidelines.

Minimum System Requirements

  • PC or Intel based Mac running Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 20 GB of free hard drive space
  • 1280 x 800 minimum screen resolution
  • MS Excel 2007 or later
  • MS .NET Framework 4.5 or later
  • Keyboard or equivalent input device
  • Mouse or equivalent pointing device
  • Touchscreen optional
  • No continuous internet access required!

Printer Friendly Documentation

To view the PDF files below you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or above. If you do not already have the reader, download the free version.

Request more information about our EMS field data collection software

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software benefits
  • Streamline data collection
  • On the fly data validation reduces errors
  • Completeness checker helps ensure your Patient Care Records are complete
  • Helps ensure all supplies used are billed
  • Meet HIPAA compliance standards
  • Ideal for rural EMS agencies with no web access in the field

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